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Automated recycling systems for a cleaner planet.

Recycle 100% to 0% 

Rocksile unites two unique and completely independent companies, Cirque and Systematix. Cirque specializes in equipment that crushes and liquefies recycled material (300+ crushing/liquefying machines sold), and Systematix specializes in robotics (500+ robots sold). Our solution provides 100% recycling.

Mike Harris Jr. supports Rocksile.

All information is aggregated from each component from every cycle. The analytics allow comparisons between cycles.

The machines can be adapted to accept various recyclable materials. These are plastic, rubber, wood, paper, metal, silicon products and other materials.

The robots sort the recycled materials into separate containers. The information is centralized in a server that controls every robot. 

The output from the machines can be combined with original source material. These applications range from asphalt, pulp, steel, plastic resin, liquid metals and other products.

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