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Cloud Analytics Modernization

All information is aggregated from each component from every cycle. The analytics allow comparisons between cycles.


A cycle consists of gathering, sorting, crushing, liquefying and selling the recycled products. A municipality, business or an organization typically gathers their recyclable materials. Our robots sort all the recyclable material into bins that contain similar materials. The bin contents are crushed in a large cylinder. The crushed material is transferred to another large cylinder where the material is liquefied. The liquefied material is sold to companies where it is combined with similar materials and resold.

Our centralized servers gather data on every action throughout the process. As more data is gathered, cycle times can be increased or decreased based on each component of the cycle such as initial volume, weight and frequency as well as final volume, weight and frequency.

The data is uploaded to a cloud so that the information from multiple servers can be accessed, combined and stored easily. The data is analyzed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our processes.

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