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Versatility in Intake

The machines can be adapted to accept various recyclable materials. These are plastic, rubber, wood, paper, metal, vehicle batteries, silicon products and other materials.

The homeowner looks upon the person taking the unsorted recyclable material from their blue box sorting it into the various sections of the truck. The homeowner watches their material be combined with the same materials from other homeowners. There is an assumption that each material is kept separate. Often this assumption is false. The recycled materials often are kept separate, however there is spillover between the sections when the truck takes recycled materials from one homeowner and combines it with similar products from other homeowners.

The truck contains mixed material in every section of the truck. The truck reaches the landsite where the materials have to be sorted so that each batch of product is similar. The robots are programmed to perform this task. The crushing and liquefying machines can only process one material at a time. The advantage of our machines is that they can be changed to process many different kinds of materials.

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